Built anew with a sense of enduring spirit, the reprised Spring Mill Distillery has a steadfast commitment to creating premium spirits that appeal to consumers who value the genuine expression of traditional methods and the highest-quality ingredients available. Having established their roots once again, Spring Mill was looking to blossom into a tastemaker, collaborating with Phlippens Smoked Sauce.

Our Role

DesignProduct PhotographyPre-pressDigital & Litho PrintingMarketing Material

Uniquely memorable.


Sharing many of the same values as Spring Mill, the Phlippens Smoked Sauce is handcrafted in small batches by a one-man team; also utilizing the finest of local ingredients. Naturally, the collaboration makes sense; however, collaborating with a smoked sauce may feel a little untraditional. It was up to us to create a marriage of the two brands, both visually and physically; applying focus to their heritage, unique packaging, and creating a distinctive look that allows the collaboration to feel as natural as it should.


We first designed the branded labels for Phlippens Smoked Sauce. Then we developed a solution for their collaboration with Spring Mill: pairing a smoked CAESAR mix with their vodka and gin bottles as a value-add on in LCBO locations. We retouched the CAESAR drink photography and arrived at designing the packaging for the sauce jar to hang from both bottlenecks.

And of course, but not limited to, design and printed POS material for various outlets selling Spring Mill’s new line of spirits – Vodka and Gin. And to top it all off, we promoted their Ward Bar being open to the public by designing and installing the custom exterior signage – playing our part in history.